Damian Valentine


Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, DV began his classical music education on cello and piano at the age of eight.  After extensively studying classical music for nine years, Damian added the bass guitar to his musical repertoire and began to pursue Rock n’ Roll.  In 1997, he co-founded the band Bolt Upright which was signed to the Sony 550 record label only six months after the band’s inception.  Their debut album Red Carpet Sindrome was recorded in 1998 and BU toured every corner of the USA with bands such as Kid Rock, Stained, Powerman 5000, Vanilla Ice, and the Kottonmouth Kings.  In 2000, Damian Valentine Music Production and www.damianvalentinemusic.com were born. DV now focuses his musical vision on film, television, and video game scoring and songwriting as well as producing signed and independent artists around Los Angeles.  He is continually expanding and diversifying his musical catalogue.


Music Department (23 titles)

Entourage  (2004-2012 TV Series, additional music)
Instant Beauty Pageant  (2006-2012 TV Series, additional music)
Pros vs. Joes  (2006-2012 TV Series, additional music)
The Big C  (2010-2011 TV Series, additional music)
Khloe & Lamar  (2011 TV Series, additional music)
Married to Rock  (2010 TV Series, additional music)
Without A Trace  (2002-2009 TV Series, additional music)
Wheelman  (2009 Video Game, additional music)
NBA Ballers – Chosen One  (2008 Video Game, additional music)
Cats Cradle  (2008 Film, additional music)
Ice Spiders  (2007 TV Series, additional music)
Jam Sessions  (2007 Video Game, additional music)
Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave  (2005 Film, additional music)
LA Rush  (2005 Video Game, additional music)
Sex in the City  (1998-2004 TV Series, additional music)
XXX  (2002 Film, additional music)
National Security  (2003 Film, additional music)
Making of T3  (2003 documentary, additional music)
The Matthew Shephard Story  (2002 TV Series, additional music)
The Pornographer  (2001 Film, additional music)
Party of Five  (1994-2000 TV Series, additional music)
TV Guide Awards  (2000 TV Series, additional music)
35 Classic Theme Remixes  (Video Game, additional music)

Advertising (8 Clients)

Atari, T3
Tycho/Mattel, War Games
Stadium Commercial
Mazda, Auto Show Promo
Phillips Plastics
Teen Television Workshop
Core-X Workout
F3 Fitness

Recording Artists (15 Clients)

Cypress Hill  (Album, one song)
Cypress Hill  (Album, remix)
Leroy Sibbles
Bolt Upright
Dead Celebrity Status
Chris Dane Owens
Mista Youngblood
Cherish Alexander
Big Bang Theory
The Harbingers



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